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Welcome to Balderton Communities

What is Balderton Communities?

Welcome to the Balderton Communities. This is a tool for you to reach your peers and the Balderton team. Introductions and knowledge sharing are fantastic vectors of generosity and network building — they cost little to give, and can generate great gain for others — if you receive an answer, pay it forward and give an answer. The group is only as great as the contributions of its members.


You can use these groups to:

  • Crowdsource ideas
  • Request reviews, suggestions and possible introductions globally or specific to your location
  • Share knowledge and troubleshoot issues on talent, growth, marketing, legal, finance, etc
  • Ask about “How To…?”
  • Share mistakes and lessons learned


We only have two community rules that we ask you to respect:

Information Privacy

As a member, you are free to use insights, learnings, and recommendations received in your business and from the ecosystem. However, please do not share or forward any information to external parties and take care not to reveal the identity of members when using the information for your purposes

Be Considerate

Balderton’s communities are an open space where we would like everyone to feel comfortable sharing. It takes the entire community to create a welcoming environment.